11 (Overlooked) Ways to Get Free Gift Cards with & Without Surveys

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And to take advantage of this popularity a lot of businesses give away free stuff , like free gift cards, to draw attention to their products and services. When I first began, it was to earn extra "fun" money as a stay at home mom during my free time. I was born with multiple congenital heart defects among other medical issues. InboxDollars pays you to watch videos, search, shop, take surveys, and more. Thank you Swag Bucks!

Get free gift cards online with Swagbucks, the leading rewards site for paid surveys and more. Read what our members have to say.
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Discount gift cards offered through Gift Card Granny's marketplace are provided by trusted secondary market partners who are required to meet consumer protection standards. Learn more. Gift Card Granny Reviews. Trustpilot. FOLLOW GRANNY Gift Card Granny is on Facebook!
I use Swagbucks to get free gift cards because...

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Since then I've been able to spend hundreds of dollars on Toys for Tots during the holidays and help out those less fortunate. I have 6 little boys between the ages of Swagbucks has helped to make ends meet; I've used the gift cards for holidays, birthdays and so much more.

When we moved to our current home, I had to leave everything that we owned behind. Swagbucks helped me to furnish our new home. I work fulltime to support my family. My wife is a stay at home mom for two of our children. I make just enough to pay bills, buy food and keep a roof over our heads. With Swagbucks, I can finally make a little extra to provide my family, whether its extra cash on Paypal to pay for a special dinner or Amazon gift cards to pay for "Amazon Mom" subscriptions for diapers and supplies for my kids.

Before I became a swagger our budget was limited and The Grinch was stealing our Christmas a little each year. Now I save my gift cards all year and spend them online while earning even more SB through Shop and Earn. Now I can provide my kids with a decent Christmas and it doesn't make my wallet shrink 3 sizes!

My husband's hours and bonuses at work were cut in this bad economy. I am a stay at home wife and home schooling Mother and we don't want to take welfare; Swagbucks is helping put healthy food on the table.

I use my free gift cards to get free books for when I have doctors appointments. My name is Jessi and I have half a heart. I was born with multiple congenital heart defects among other medical issues.

I use gift cards to get gifts for young CHDers in the hospital. I use gift cards to help donate to hospital PICUs. My daughter is a US Sailor. I use the gift cards I earn from Swagbucks to buy things to set up care packages for our troops. They really don't make much money and the care packages they recieve helps them moneywise and gives them LOVE from home!

My hours at work and my bonuses got cut because of the economy. Swagbucks has helped my family buy homeschooling supplies , Christmas and birthday gifts and loads of food. My son has Tuberous Sclerosis, which is is a neurological disorder which causes tumors, seizures and behavioral problems. To reward him for good behavior he gets to go to Toys 'R Us and pick out a Disney Infinity disc, which can get expensive.

Thankfully, I can earn gift cards with my SB and Ryan can keep getting his rewards! I have a blended family and it helps get nice things for our kids. My children's father passed away in , as did the mother of my two step-sons. Having a family with four children 2 in college, 1 in high school and a 10 year old can get expensive, especially when it comes to being able to afford some of the things that they would like.

I'm saving up to buy my college text books for my last year of undergraduate school. I'm a full-time student with no current job, so Swagbucks has been a blessing.

I want to make sure I can give my grandbabies wonderful gifts for the holidays. I raise my 3 grandchildren, and SB makes it possible for me to buy them gifts and special prizes. Thank you Swag Bucks! For more details about BingRewards read my review.

You can sign up for InboxDollars and start earning points towards rewards for doing all kinds of stuff — taking surveys, shopping, playing games, and more. For tips on how to maximize your earning with MyPoints, read this.

It also rewards you for searching the web, taking surveys, watching videos , shopping and more. The noteworthy thing about Swagbucks, aside from its massive popularity, is that they have a better payout rate than other websites of their kind. Taking surveys is another popular way to bring in the points, and yes, they do actually reward you for taking them! They offer the usual suite of activities; surveys, web searches, and promotional shopping are all mainstays of the website.

The good news is that their gift cards are wide and varied, so you can really choose the type of reward you want. These websites bear more to the side of and sometimes cross into the territory of focus groups. Some of them will ask you to take part in actual online focus groups or to be a product tester, which will net you a higher reward in addition to some much-needed variety.

To take advantage of these opportunities, especially the online ones, you need to have a plan. You need to get organized. The biggest mistake I see when people try to take advantage of these opportunities is spreading themselves too thin.

You are the customer and their tasks are the products, so the benefit they gain from your participation is more than enough payment. Know what information to give and what not to Those survey-centric websites we talked about up above care who you are, personally.

So, you should look elsewhere if that seems too personal for you. This also has the added benefit of protecting you in case you do end up signing up to a website that is untrustworthy.

Get multiple plates spinning at once And what I mean by this is, these sites are multi-tasking friendly. Thankfully, using some of the methods above, you can earn free gift cards without taking a survey.

Wow thank you for all your work on getting us a sure and reliable way of making a little extra cash. We try to cover as many details as possible with our posts, so that everyone can understand and make use of all our tips.

Remember the old dollar store in your neighborhood? They used to be plentiful, and you could get nearly anything for a dollar or less. As we go forward into a future where digital media is the definitive form for our movies and music, a lot of us are left with a lot of spare DVDs and This is another guest post by our cousin, Jessica.

As a single mom, she's always coming up with new ways to save money and to make extra cash on

9 Easy Ways to Get Free Gift Cards Cash In on Social Media. Social media is hot, hot, hot. Transfer Your Prescriptions and Sign Up For Rewards. Pharmacies want your business, and they're willing to fight for it. Sign Up for MyPoints. Earn points redeemable for gift cards by reading emails, answering surveys, doing web searches, and shopping through loadingbassqz.cf Up for Swagbucks. Answer Surveys. (4 more items). All non-Day Online Solutions, LLC owned trademarks appearing on this site are property of their respective owners. Said owners do not endorse nor are they affiliated with Day Online Solutions, LLC or . Get rewarded with money and free gift cards from brand name stores by answering market research surveys! We are trusted by over 7 million users since , signup for free today! You can choose from over big name brands with free gift cards rewards.