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The lone figure at the center of the US Navy Memorial in Washington DC is standing forlornly with his seabag, wearing his crackerjacks, dixiecup, and an open peacoat. He has lost all of his money to pickpockets and b-girls, has a newly acquired case of the clap, the worst hangover of his life, and the hash that he is attempting to smuggle back on board his warship is actually dirt.

He will spend the next three months chipping and replacing perfectly good grey paint, and sleeping in a poorly venilated room with other guys. Since he is a Navy enlisted man, he actually may never acquire the right kind of White Person status, but he rocks that coat.

I actually had a friend who was recently out of the navy, and wore a pea coat that was issued to him. Unfortunately, he was very upset to discover everyone else had purchased their pea coats at Old Navy and American Eagle.

I served in the European Navy for 10 years. The pea coat was standard issue for cold winter nights. This comment brought to you by http: You have to move up tp the pea coat.

Extra points if the plaid lining is the family tartan. Unless that person hated it. Hello to the white people. How is your bail out going? What happened to much debt for the fat pigs of America? Its kind of sad to watch your country fall, but you deserve it. Profligate spending, consumers of copious amounts of drugs, booze. Women all turned into little whores. I felt like puking after seeing these two scumbags in the photo above.

Yeah its a nice night for a cop when he can take his night stick to creeps like these. And fuck you spico. I went to Taco bell for dinner, it sucked. Butt I took the burrito in the mens room and it was nice and warm.

In the coat room of the high-end restaurant at the end of the meal, when the hostess is trying to pass everyone their peacoats, and the only tool she has for identification is the tag in the collar.

And… oh… this one says Old Navy. The English above all people and races on Earth have the most illustrious naval history. With North America becoming majority non-White, that pretty much sums up the beginning of the end for us. We allowed ourselves to be invaded, outbred, and displaced before the USA reached maturity.

Nobody likes Isra-hell, except Christian Armageddonists and US politicians looking for contributions. Please do not take all your ancestors genes handed down to you over thousands of years, and be the first one in your line to flush it all down the toilet.

Stay White, will you? Dumb-asses, if you are of full European descent, then you are White. Devoid of class, style, and anything resembling European roots, AA is the anti-White store du jour. I think you should definitely do a story on how much white people enjoy seeing OJ found guilty and doing life in prison! I never knew there was a hierarchy of races in America. You learn something new from this blog with every post.

I am a white male. I got mine by actually joining the Navy in I no longer have it because it finally wore out. One like his the other did not. Hey I am a white guy and I joined the Navy during Vietnam. I was a SEAL. Both my sons joined the Navy. We all got our pea coats the hard way. I -was- going to buy myself a pea coat for this winter. They really kept you warm with the over lapping in front. Now a days like in your picture it is hard to tell except for the mustache and beard who is the girl.

Is he carrying her purse? Dunno where that leaves me on the whiteness scale. I liked the Japanese Zero pilots who used to wear hats with fur-lined ear muffs! Natalie Portman is a Semite, and therefore not White.

White people really have been totally worked over by the jewtube. Nicole Brown represents the degeneracy of White females. She chose to marry a black, who ended up killing her. She furthermore, fell into jewtube, LA-based non-White values, and while married to this negro chose to link-up with the further anti-White species known as the LA-Jew Ron Goldman who lusts after White blondes as much as the negro does.

Nicole Brown paid for her life by hooking up with the negro and the jew. She pumped out 2 mulattos. Im not even pissed at your racism, but the amount of comments you leave is sooo sad. If you need a friend or somthing im sure there is some number you can call for someone to keep you company, and if you under 18 then you should go run around a tree or somthing.

Poor thing…maybe you think your doing to the world a favor by leaving comments to show your vast amount of knowledge, but your not, so stop trying…what do I hear? The eastern european, sephardic, spanish jews all look different, and all look like their regional people.

Their are many many blonde, blue eyed jews with small noses. I know it pains you to know this, but once you accept this, your life might be better. Have a loving hate free day! Considering that Isreal actually has gay pride parades and every country around it would murder anyone involved, im guessing its probably not as bad as your led to believe…. Yes, please do edit before posting.

Your fourth paragraph has a couple of obvious errors. And as an expert on white people, you should know that many of us are anal about grammar.

I got my pea coat for free from my roommate who is in the Naval Reserves, so not only do I earn points for frugality, I get bonus points for it having actually been used by a real sailor. Ironically, I will probably wear my single-breasted short coat this winter instead, just to be different. I took a can of ready whip inserted in my asshole, sprayed and then inserted one hamster, wow!

Of course I had my heels on, how white am I. What happens when a black person in the Navy in the New England area wears a pea coat? What category do they fall into? Thanks for pointing out the truth, that I am indeed the whitest white person on Earth. And you are a giant asshole. Google it and come back when you know what you are talking about, until then stop spewing anti-White propaganda.

I guess if you like homosexual parades and STDs, depressed people acting fvcked up and perverts……dude you are too funny. Subprime lending, which kickstarted the entire thing, was an effort by anti-White racists, led by jews in policy and academia, to get as many non-Whites into the USA as possible and fast.

Community Reinvestment Act to see the origin of liberal ideas of forced lending to non-Whites and deadbeats which become mandatory for White lenders. Barney Frank, congressional homosexual jew said: Dude, this is a White blog. We discuss what makes Whites different from other races here.

Six years ago, I enticed a very sweet white man to marry me, while wearing a short navy peacoat and a long fitted denim skirt. Actually the Khazars were wealthy jews from far eastern europe, they became rich and powerful because of the silk road, these jews are not the sephardic jews, or the spanish jews.

Much of the Khazars were murdered and the rest either converted or fled into Siberia. Im surprised you havent killed yourself since your ancestors were black. They only got gradually lighter in pigmentation from the lack of sunlight and less need for UV protection.

I promise that if you went and lived in Africa, after a few hundred generations your descendents would be black. Sadly us being white wont make us live longer, and it means we are no less special then anyone else.

Your right, Hebrew isnt an Indo-European language…. I bet you the european jews also knew, if only knew indo-european languages. Most eastern european jews speak yiddish, which is a mixture, so whats your point?

I really wanted to get a Pea Coat this year. My whiteness is exposed. The Onion, and the frisbee thing had me out, but now this damn pee coat thing. I own like 3 of them! The Crazy Stripe scarf changed a lot of lives. This can be purchased at Urban Outfitters. Another thing white people like, and one of the primary rivals of the pea coat in the winter months is the North Face jacket.

Actually, Grumpy Brit makes a great point. Anglophelia is way more white than just liking and lumping Europe. Nothing says elevated culture to whities in America than a British accent, and that applies to clothes as well. As it is, I have two. Unique blog you have, fun to read! Not one European country can touch the UK when it comes to capitulation as a White nation.

Only the USA can come close. You Americans have no idea what happens in Europe… Or you just label everything white european.. Yid; what are you still doing trolling around here? Wow, is that not the most appropriate photo ever. You guys have been name dropped in Arlington, VA, and not in a good way: You forgot to mention the Hemp winter gear.

You are totally dead wrong. Without the gays your ass would be wearing a barrel…and there would be no high-end kitchen appliances…and everyones house would look the same…and everyone would shop at Walmart…. Only white women and homosexual or metrosexual white men wear pea coats. Other than that, like if your in the military, I respect the shit out of you.

This is so true. As a black woman, once I purchased my first peacoat, my stock among my white peers went WAY up!!! THAT coat was my ticket into whiteworld…. Hmmm, I have a pea coat. This may be a US thing. Duffel coats get huge white kudos in the UK, the geekier the better. I love Pea coats. I have one in red, black, and white. I think their are very stylish and look great with almost anything. I got mine at a second hand store in Hokaido, Japan.

I fell in love with pea coats when my big brother came home in one after his navy boot camp. He was always my hero and the fashion just stuck. Funny article, thanks for reminding me of my racial background.

Good to stay grounded in reality…lol. JEWS and their rudeness, ugliness, faux upper-classness, far-left politics, and greediness.

Jews are only White to the extent which elite-wealthy Jews have intermarried with elite-wealthy Whites throughout history. For instance, the British royal family is unfortunately chock-full of Jewish DNA because so many Jews married in to the British aristocracy when they gained enough wealth and power to be allowed to intermingle with the top strata of society — we have that idiot Cromwell to blame for this because he allowed Jews back in to England after they had been legally expelled in the year History clearly shows that Jews are a sick, damaged, and deranged ethnic group — in my opinion, the sooner they are herded on to a faraway island away from the rest of humanity and kept forcibly quarantined there forever the better off the world will be.

Ha ha, my boyfriend had to go to Thanksgiving Day dinner with a black eye because he left his pea coat on the back of his chair in a gay bar, went back to get it, and got socked by this dude who insisted it was his. For some reason that story always cracks me up!

Last link before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title: Brad Pitt is a low IQ White. Angelina Jolie wears the pants in that relationship, forcing the multi-racial adoptions and all that stuff. Tarantino, where the jews kill Nazis. I kid you not, look it up. This is who runs our media. Brad Pitt is exactly what they want in a White male: This is what happens to good White midwestern stock after they get judaicized into degeneracy in LA.

Can you imagine this lame movie ever being created without White-hating jews? Funny, despite all that, Pitt is still smarter than you, and has a way better life than you. The peacoat is very much like the scarf in NYC. Please, burn the scarves and burn the pea coats. If Amazon decided carrying the book on their site was detrimental to their business, they are perfectly within their rights to drop it.

Companies do not ban books, they simply do not stock them. Remember, freedom of the press applies only to the owner of the press! Fortunately, with the rise of personal computers and the internet, we all have a press! If you think the book is so important, contact the author, start a website, and sell the damn thing yourself! In regards to the gene pool comments, a species only thrives when it has genetic diversity. Intermarriage is necessary to save the human race from extinction!

Best pea coat ever! I got my peacoat the hard way — I served in the Navy. Litteraly tens of thousands of non-white people who earned their the hard way out there…. Noam Chomsky fits the bill! After reading through this blog, it seems like the most prominent characteristic you describe of whiteness in the U.

That probably leads to selfishness in terms of resources. Is it That One? Obama and his voodoo witch Michelle? I read you were on a world wide trek with you old lady. Matter of fact your old lady posted it. Where are you at a the present time?

We will all have advice for you of where to visit next. You must have tattoos as well. No doubt you are very scary. You just said so. Ah, the beloved pea coat. Full-length pea coats were for the elders who adorned their look of prosperity with a matching hat, coordinating scarf, and leather gloves. They were businessmen and those who were off to church. Funny on jewish MTV, they never show that. They never, ever show White culture in a positive light, nor do they ever show people like yourself that find value in it.

The jews would never showcase White culture ever, even in the obviously White traditions that go hand-in hand with dogs. That sums up most urban hipsters, who are the wrong kinds of whites. Minnesota is a prime example of the stupidest brain-dead Whites that exist. They vote for an anti-white racist in Obama, and their choices for Senator are two jews. You watch too much TV, and read too many US magazines, if you think gays run anything in this world.

When Latin non-whites want to burden their issue with weird names they just make shit up, like American blacks do. Venezuela — The conflict in Venezuela is largely racial pitting the middle class and managerial whites largely post-WW2 immigrants from Europe against the impoverished non-white hordes who support Chavez. That Devendra is a folk singer who attended art school in San Francisco suggests his family was middle class and moved to Venezuela for professional reasons.

His fey but not gay ways also point to his being white. Straight non-white Latinos do not play at being queer. So you had a great-great-great grandparent who was born a slave? A white man would be unlikely to marry a black, but a black man would have been happy to marry a white woman.

But the white woman would have to be low. A crippled, blind, witless immigrant abandoned by her family? Without affirmative action and SBA minority lending program goodies until recently why would this fact have been kept alive in your family? If true it would have been buried long ago. Ships from five European nations have begun patrolling the Mediterranean in an attempt to control the growing numbers of foreign immigrants trying to enter Europe illegally.

Didja ever notice the U. And with the declining number of military-age white people probably never will. Btw, I am white as hell. But with a soul black as hell, too. So tell us all what you do with your money. It sounds like a very absorbant jacket that you put on when you are too drunk to get up. How come I laugh every single time I read this blog.

I laugh hard enough to snort. And everyone around me, although they are white as well, look at me like I have lost my mind.

I LOVE my peacoat! Pic of me in my peacoat, with similarly peacoated girl: His mother was the very worst kind of white person, a liberal idiotic race-traitor who flushed here genes down the toilet. She made her stand-up White parents raise the mulatto to top it all off.

Where was this liberal idiot mom? Where was the black dead beat dad? Nowhere to be found. Little known however is that Che was a racist. He went to the Congo and said honest things about the blacks there. Has anyone ever seen a mexican with a well-trained or pure-bred dog? Yes, and read up on what Che said about blacks in the Congo. This is real history hidden by anti-White racists and communists.

You seem pretty smart, so why are you trying to deny this? You know damn well that Whites are in prisons for merely their political views and are guilty of thought crimes. You know damn well who is behind pushing this censorship. I rock mine with a middle eastern style scarf and fitted cap. Another indication to my non Caucasian ass.

So much of this list is spot-on. But enunciating perfectly, as per hip-hop co-op list I got to get my semantics on here, bro. You know, the difference between ironic consumption of KFC and Twinkies and those who eat such unorganic crap as a matter of course.

There also seems to be very few references to Baby Boomers which only improves the quality of this blog or their whiny, self-entitled teenaged offspring. That looks like musician Devendra Banhart with a lady at his side!

Who are the wrong kinds of white people? The unwashed toothless, non trust funded, worst of all, the working people, Joe Sixpack. I have to pander to this guy all the time. Is this guy stalking me? This is like my life has been written in blog form by someone else. I am also learning quickly to become a better white person through my daily readings of stuff I like or should like. Mine finally wore out last winter after five years of faithful service. And by that implication this website is in fact more racist and insulting to non-whites.

Not for other whites, not for-nonwhites. White people like this annoying, self obsessed horseshit because it uses humor to simultaneously expose and absolve the crippling absurdity of their lives so they can continue said lives in the sure knowledge that whatever dizzying heights their idiocy reaches, they are so totally, like, like, so, like totally, like, so totally AWARE of it!!! I just love it.

No matter what white people do or say, we are wrong. If we laugh at ourselves then we are self-obsessed. If we take ourselves seriously then we are self-obsessed.

According to all you humorless navel contemplators, American white people have no reason to even exist since our culture is insipid. The pathetic part is that those whose criticism seems to be the most vociferous are usually very American and very white. I hate white American guilt. My Hungarian parents came here as refugees during the Hungarian revolution in Not all white Americans are DAR.

The odd thing is that Black people and Latinos have picked up on this. I have been watching a lot of comedy lately that actually pokes fun at how PC white people are and how they could never say the things that Black people and Latinos say about each other or about white people. Its truly gut busting funny and sad at the same time.

Man, I wish I could be one of those white people that can pull off the pea coat. I must take issue with this one: While my white brethren, on the other hand, have no problem taking a shirtless, runner shorts wearing, jog in the dead of winter.

At least this is how it goes in San Francisco…. Who the fuck is Joe the Plumber? Anyway I for one am glad communism is going to get a second chance! Vote early and vote often for Obama. It had been reported that I have a staff of just over 45 people at a cost of over 2 million to the tax payers.

What do you expect me to do? I disagree with your point about not being exposed to non-whites as a child. As a child I lived in an all white suburb. Never knew a jew or a black. As an adult and coming in to contact with this scum I was completely horrified. Well I wish I had been born about in Germany. Quit being lazy and post more! This book seems to have more or less killed the website itself…. Is that a guy on the left or Sasquatch? Of course, White People glorified on this site are specimen of the north-americal upper mid-class predominantly white with money to burn.

Check out the works of David Brooks for more detailed research on the subject. What about Silver jewelery? Could this be a Pacific Coastal thing? I got my Pea Coat for free! I stole it from a lost and found back when I was in Highschool.

Some rich white kid abandoned it so I adopted it. I wore a pea coat and trusty watch cap on a bank job. This type of coat years ago was only worn by sailors and hoodlums. Now its worn by you hipster weirdo scum, metrosex half a fag fools. White people like correcting other white people in public forums for simple spelling errors while ignoring the comment.

And I can still get into it! I have only just stumbled upon this blog and cannot believe how much I have in common with you guys and gals across the pond. Like the shorts in winter, the peacoat is all about style, not practicality. As well … this blog seems to be inspired by The Official Preppie Handbook published in the 80s. Christ almighty you folks have a bunch of Dunkin Donuts.

How can you drink that piss water? Vermont and Cape Cod were beautiful, though. I bought my first on upon moving to Boston. I mean, who the hell are these bitches!? Have we discussed the love of wearing sunglasses while indoors, yet? Or maybe that spans all racial groups? Regardless, I find it fabulously insane. After reading the posts here, I must say I hate white people, all of you, and the things you like. Brainwashed, keep watching that t. Noise bands become substantially less interesting as one approaches more temperate climates.

This is often regarded as symptomatic of the tendency for whites in such areas to don fewer Pea Coats or Vintage Sweaters. Some of us ride horses and shoot varmints. By the way that is riding with a western saddle. None of that girlie man stuff.

Jeez man where do you hang out? White people sure do love their relative ad placements. I think most whites are into some kind of drug, just to get through the day, pills and whatever. America is nation of junkies, of one kind or another. More stuff white people like, hamsters up the ass, any other race do that?

Its pure heaven, the best feeling, I do it all day long, while my boy friend is at work. White people love, not just like, magic jungle rabbits. This is pretty admirable, considering other races know nothing about them. I purchased it at an Army Navy Surplus store. However, I only interact with white people at work, and then only during working hours. Funny blog, thanks for the laughs! I entirely admit to having one of these in my closet at the moment—and to drafting other people into wearing them.

Except, I suppose, members of the military. It would be so cool if the best comments on every article were included with the book lol. Would you like a special award for being the most authentic pea coat wearer?

Maybe you could just put it on your resume. I wanted to buy a pea coat, but I knew that my boyfriend also had one. I think the PostSecret format new content once a week, with promotional links aplenty might work better. I just spent a week among the most elite and whitest of white on a trip to Montana, and pea coats along with Apple products, scarves, sweaters, vests and several other things mentioned on this blog were more than common.

Bull, I saw a guy under the Burnside bridge wearing your coat. He sold it for crack money. Please, please, please comment on some of these. I still love peacoats! As a matter of fact, I want to purchase a short one as well as a long one for this Winter season! I believe they can be worn with any outfit that you wear! OMG… once again… exactly correct. I need to bust out my pea coat and take it to the cleaners right away. Just ignore the Old Navy logo… I had to go to five different thrift stores to find it.

I have never been…. Going to the moon was just to show the russians we were better…going to the moon didnt get me my fancy Viking stove.. My wife has been voted the most beautiful women in the world by hundreds of publications. Shes had 3 kids naturally, and is still ridiculously hot, maybe hotter. We have a house in Malibu, one in New Orleans, one in the Hollywood Hills, one in Santa Barbara, one in Missouri, a place in Cambodia and we have a 3 year lease on a 70 million dollar chateau in the south the France.

I left Jennifer, because she is boring and didnt want children, plus I met Angie, come on, its Angelina. Its like going from a Honda to a Bugatti. Please dont feel bad for me, Angelina can tell me to do anything she wants, because at the end of the day, im F-ing her, and your not. Im glad you dont need my money, because im having the best damn life anyone could possibly have, and I dont know how it could better. Ok, white people in pea coats are creepy.

Also, white people love to know information about hackers! Here is an rss feed that features a blog about hacking with cool stories about hackers in action and hackers getting caught. Also offers some advice and information about how to protect yourself and how you can be hacked. Cute toggle button style. Perfect coat to wear over dresses. In great used condition.

The fur hood is removable with buttons. Plaid is pink, gray and black. Size XL, worn but great condition. Blue and white marled sweater jacket. Size XS, but it is slightly oversized and could also fit a small. Heavy pea coat with buttons and pockets.

Bundle for a discount and one ship. Vintage Spencer Douglas blue shoulder padded plaid coat size 6. Coat - White - Jijil Coats Lyst. Wool Blend Oversized Plaid Coat. Glamorous Brand From Nordstrom. Waist Measures Around Has 2 Deep Pockets. Wool Coat With Acetate Lining. Very Cute And Comfortable. A Little Wrinkled Because

Different Styles Of Peacoat

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